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Kardinal 5 phone card rates to Sweden - Comviq Mobile

Kardinal 5 Calling card
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Card provider Globtel
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Face Value 5.00 USD
Our Price 5.00 USD (Including VAT)

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Description CC NPA Per Minute Charge Type
Sweden - Comviq Mobile462520.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4670150.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4670160.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile467040.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile467070.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673210.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673220.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673240.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673250.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673260.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673280.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673550.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673560.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673570.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673580.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile4673590.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile467360.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile467370.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile467390.43peak
Sweden - Comviq Mobile467620.43peak
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